If you’ve been searching online for dental implants, Bali certainly sounds a great place to visit. After all, what could be better than spending your vacation in a tropical paradise and bringing back a new smile?

Travelling abroad for cosmetic dental treatments has seen a huge spike in popularity over recent years. In fact, around 15,000 Australians travel overseas for dental treatment each year, with many of them choosing Bali as their destination.

Plenty of countries provide good health care, but it’s important to weight up the pros and cons of ‘dental tourism’, as it’s known, before booking your flight.
You may be wondering why anyone would fly more than 4,000 kms from Sydney to Bali just to get tooth implants fitted? Well, the answer can be summed up in one word – cost!

Dental implants in destinations such as Bali, Malaysia and Thailand can be up to 70% cheaper than here in Sydney so the thought of making some huge savings on dental fees does sound tempting – after all, who doesn’t love a bargain?
But, savings apart, there are other important factors you should consider when travelling overseas for dental work.

Not all dental practices are created equal

Most Sydney dental clinics are modern, equipped with the latest technology, and as you’d expect, all procedures are carried out by fully experienced dentists with a focus on cleanliness to stave off the risk of infection.

While there may be plenty of modern dental clinics in Bali, who’s to say that the clinic you choose pays as much attention to sterilisation and infection control as we do here?

In addition, dental education regulations differ from one county to another and you could find yourself receiving your implants from a Bali dentist who has done very few implant surgeries before, if any. Are you willing to entrust your health to a person who you’ve barely met and who may not be qualified to carry out such an invasive dental procedure?

Finally, the implants and crowns that your dentist in Bali uses may be of an inferior quality to the top brands we use here at Dental Spot. After all, there must be a reason that their prices are so much cheaper, right?

Dental Implants Abroad – Top Tip

If you’re seriously considering visiting Bali for your implants, then be sure to carry out a ton of research before you go. Find out as much as you can about the dental clinic as well as the background of the dentist who’ll be carrying out your implant process.

Be sure to check out what other people are saying about them on forums as well as on the clinic’s website. Finally, if you can, visit the clinic in Bali beforehand and follow your gut feeling before committing to any dental implant procedure.


Lost in translation

While English is widely spoken in Bali, when it comes to asking questions or raising concerns about your implant procedure, how can you be sure the dentist has fully understood what you’ve asked?

Usually, if you book your “dental holiday” with a tour company, they’ll forward your dental records to the clinic ahead of your planned visit. But, if you’re making your own arrangements, it may not be possible for the Bali clinic to gain access to your dental records in Australia.

In some cases, lack of transparency in documentation and conversations lost in translation regarding travel, accommodation, and meals, can lead to higher costs than you expected, meaning your cheap dental implants in Bali, suddenly got costlier.

Another top tip – Ask for a written breakdown of all the services provided in the quoted price and find out what type of crowns and implants are used.

A relaxing vacation – is it?

Typically, a vacation spent relaxing on a beach in Bali would seem like bliss but often this isn’t the case when you’re also facing medical or dental treatment. Getting your implants may require more than one trip to Bali as often dental implants are carried out in stages over a period of months.

Alternatively, you may be getting “implants in a day” but it’s quite likely you won’t feel like sightseeing and sunbathing following the procedure and may wish you were at home recovering in familiar surroundings instead. Even, if that’s not the case – Everyday holiday activities like swimming or snorkeling, drinking alcohol, and eating all kinds of exotic new foods, are likely to be out of bounds during your recovery.

Finally, just bear in mind that should there be problems once you return to Sydney, can you really get the time off work and foot the cost of another six-hour flight to Bali?

It’s not so much about how much do implants cost in Bali, but more importantly, what could be the cost to you in terms of your dental and overall health.

Don’t put yourself and your dental health at risk. Instead, why not book a dental implant consultation with Dental Spot? Our highly experienced, qualified dentists only use top quality dental implants and, we make our own natural looking dental crowns here on site. Offering a variety of payment options, we make dental implants affordable for everyone. Give us a call today on 02 9158 6115 and let us help you restore your smile.

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