The reasons for missing teeth vary: maybe it’s poor dental hygiene, decay, an accident or just age. Whatever the reason, though, missing teeth come with many physical and emotional challenges, as many of us know. Slurred speech, limiting your diet to soft foods, resorbing jawbone, “sunken” face, a smile you try to hide, and so much more. Fortunately, dentistry comes to the rescue with dental implants, a great tooth replacement option that can successfully and permanently restore missing teeth. Let’s look deeper at what dental implants are and how they can help you regain your smile. 


Have you been wondering what dental implants are?

Dental implants are small titanium rods inserted into the jawbone, replacing the missing natural teeth roots and supporting the replacement teeth that can be crowns, dentures or bridges. They provide a secure fit and ensure the longevity of the replacement teeth. The dental implant procedure is safe and effective when performed by an experienced dentist. 


Common types of dental implant placement 


Endosteal implants 

They’re the most common type of implants. Endosteal implants are surgically inserted in the jawbone and, once the surgery site is healed, will firmly support one or more artificial teeth (crowns, bridges or dentures). 


SYDNEYDentalImplantNS.com.au Subperiosteal implants 

Subperiosteal implants are surgically embedded on the exterior of your jawbone for secure and stable placement instead of being inserted into it. They’re usually used for patients who don’t have enough healthy jawbones to support endosteal implants or who can’t have additional surgery to rebuild their jawbone. 

Like endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants require a few months to heal. During this healing period, metal frames are attached to the posts on top of the implants. These frames eventually become fused with the bone underneath and support one or more artificial teeth. 


Transosseous implants 

Transosseous implants are a newer type of implant that’s gaining popularity. Boasting countless advantages, the same as endosteal and subperiosteal implants.

They are placed through small holes drilled in the jawbone and secured with screws or bolts. Once in place, they serve as anchors for artificial teeth as endosteal, and subperiosteal implants do. 


What To Consider Before Getting Dental Implants 

Before getting dental implants, it’s important to make sure that you meet certain criteria. 

  1. You must have good overall health and healthy gums before a dental implant.
  2. If you have gum disease or other medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, it may be best to speak with your doctor before considering dental implant treatment.

Make sure to share your full dental and medical history with your dentist so that they can adjust your treatment plan accordingly. 



Dental implant procedure steps 

  1. Initial consultation: The dentist performs an accurate assessment of the patient’s dental health history and medical condition using necessary X-rays and examinations.
  2. Preparatory treatments (if required), such as bone grafting, tooth extractions,, or gum disease treatment.
  3. Dental implant placement: After the dentist makes an incision, they carefully drill a hole in the gums and insert the implant post.
  4. Healing: The implant needs to fuse with the jawbone and the surrounding tissue in a process called osseointegration.
  5. Placement of abutment: An abutment is a small metal connector attached to the top of the implant post that positions and secures the artificial tooth.
  6. Placement of artificial tooth: A tooth replacement fixture (crown, bridge or denture) is secured once the abutment is in place.
  7. Post-op regular follow-up visits and maintenance. 


BNSPERTHDentalImplants.com.auAlternatives to pensioners’ dental implants 

  1. Bridges: A bridge is a restoration that spans the area where one or more teeth are missing, using existing teeth (or implants) as anchors.
  2. Full or partial dentures: Dentures are removable false teeth used to replace missing teeth and can be either partial or complete depending on the number of teeth.
  3. Resin-bonded bridges: Also known as a Maryland bridge, this type of bridge uses one or more artificial teeth secured to existing adjacent teeth with metal wings bonded on either side of the artificial tooth.
  4. Tooth-supported bridges: This type of bridge is similar to a resin-bonded bridge, except it uses existing teeth as anchors instead of metal wings bonded to adjacent teeth.
  5. Overdentures: An overdenture is an implant-supported denture that uses two or more implants as attachment points for a removable prosthesis, providing superior stability and retention. 


Payment Options for Dental Implants

The investment in dental implants might seem steep at first sight, but patients that had them testify that the benefits of the dental treatment outweigh the costs by far. Thankfully, most dentists offer payment plans that make the procedure very affordable.

Suppose you consider this a permanent restoration without the maintenance and replacement costs of other replacement methods, such as dentures or bridges. In that case, it makes sense that more and more pensioners are signing up for the treatment.

Dental implants cost can vary depending on the type and number of implants needed and where they are placed in your mouth. While everyone should access dental implants when needed, one must not focus solely on choosing low-cost dental implants; instead, one should prioritise the reputation and expertise of the clinic providing dental care. Investing in dental implants is a lifelong commitment, so it’s important to ensure you receive quality treatment from professionals with experience.

If you’re wondering if your private health insurance covers the treatment, please seek advice from your provider first. 


Is it a wise decision for the elderly to opt for dental implants?

Yes, dental implants are a suitable option for the elderly. They can even benefit the overall health of older adults suffering from teeth issues due to natural ageing or dental trauma. Dental implants play an integral role in improving their quality of life as they restore their ability to speak and chew properly and boost their self-confidence.

consider getting implant dental clinic croydonAlthough osteoporosis is a common problem for the elderly and can make the implant process more difficult, there are ways to ensure dental implants can be successfully placed, even in patients who have osteoporosis. Your dentist may recommend mini-implants or special techniques such as ridge augmentation to compensate for the reduced jaw density.

With dental implants for pensioners, there’s no more worrying about your teeth looking fake or feeling awkward when you talk or eat: Dental implants are indistinguishable from a genuine set of teeth – they provide optimal comfort and appearance! With them, there’s no need to worry about the uncomfortable embarrassment associated with having dentures. Additionally, when a missing tooth is replaced with dental implants, it helps improve overall oral health because it preserves the surrounding bone structure, which is important for maintaining healthy gums and preventing further tooth loss. 


Why are dental implants a superior choice for retirees compared to other alternatives?

  1. Unlike dentures or bridges, implants offer a more secure and comfortable fit.
  2. As opposed to dentures, dental implants provide a lasting solution that doesn’t require regular maintenance or adjustments, as there is no need to soak your denture at night!
  3. Implants are an excellent way to safeguard the jawbone integrity of areas with missing teeth. By providing stimulation, these implants halt any deterioration that would otherwise occur due to lack of use.
  4. They also help preserve the surrounding teeth, as bridges and partial dentures require reshaping or filing adjacent teeth for support.
  5. Dental implants’ aesthetic results are superior to other options, providing a natural-looking smile that lasts many years.
  6. Dental implants for pensioners are also cost-effective in the long term, as they don’t require frequent replacement or repair like other alternatives do.
  7. Ordinating daily oral hygiene is much easier with implants than with dentures, as there are fewer crevices for bacteria to hide in. This means that the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is reduced.
  8. Implants provide retirees with improved chewing capacity, making it easier to enjoy a variety of foods without worrying about them slipping or moving. 



In summary, dental implants can provide pensioners a safe and effective way to address age-related dental issues. They look like natural teeth, so no one needs to know you have them! Moreover, they are secure and stable—so they won’t slip out of place as dentures or bridges might—and best of all, they reduce your risk of developing more serious oral health problems down the line.

At Dental Spot, we are committed to providing the highest standard of dental care for all patients. Our team stays updated with the most current advancements in dentistry due to close collaborations with local dental schools and students. 

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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