Everyone wants a beautiful white smile. White teeth lift your self-esteem and give you confidence in work and social situations. In-chair teeth whitening treatment quickly and safely removes intrinsic and extrinsic stains due to diet, poor oral hygiene, or trauma.

However, some patients are choosing teeth whitening in Bali to mitigate the costs of professional teeth whitening in Australia. Unfortunately, the risks associated with dental tourism may mean you pay more than you budgeted for.


The Dangers Of Teeth Whitening in Bali

Dental tourism is a billion-dollar industry, and although the initial cost of teeth whitening treatment overseas may be lower than in Australia, unpredictable complications can arise which endanger your health and quickly negate any savings you may expect.

Some of these complications include:

  • Increased risk of infection

Traveling exposes your immune system to a range of foreign pathogens and simultaneously undergoing dental treatment significantly increases the dangers of contracting a serious illness. Dental practices in Bali are not held to the same strict standards of hygiene and sterilization as Australian dentists which potentially makes you vulnerable to infection due to cross-contamination of instruments.

teeth whitening bali in Croydon
  • Substandard dental work

While many dentists in Bali are highly skilled, a few disreputable practitioners may choose to use substandard materials and cut corners to save operating costs. This may mean that you receive a teeth whitening treatment that does not give you the results you expect.

Unfortunately, as many insurance companies will not cover dental procedures overseas, you do not have any means for legal or financial recourse if you experience poor results or negative side effects.


  • Greater risk of negative side effects

The bleaching gels used for teeth whitening treatment in Australia have been clinically tested and are rated as safe for use by both the Dental Board of Australia and the Therapeutic Goods Commission.

The whitening products used by Balinese dentists may contain harmful agents that can cause a host of unwanted side effects including chemical burns, gum irritation, enamel damage, and increased tooth sensitivity.


Choose High Quality, Affordable Teeth Whitening at Dental Spot

Teeth whitening in Bali poses unforeseeable risks that could impact your oral health. Choose teeth whitening treatment at Dental Spot for an affordable, safe, high-quality procedure, and let us give you the smile of your dreams.

Call us on (02) 9158 6115 for an appointment.


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