Professional teeth whitening, long considered unnecessary (and even unattainable) by anyone but celebrities is a much more common treatment than most people realise. There’s no reason everyone can’t have a brighter, whiter smile. Despite what television advertisements might tell you, the safer, more effective path to a beaming smile won’t come in a box you find at a local shop.

Instead, most people get the results they need and more value for their money by visiting their dentist.


Why Would You Want Professional Teeth Whitening?

Over time, it’s perfectly natural for teeth to yellow with age. This is because the surface of your teeth is actually translucent, and not a solid colour. Protective tooth enamel can wear away from years of eating, drinking, and lifestyle choices like tobacco use or drinking coffee. This reveals the inner dentin layers of your teeth, which are typically a few shades darker.

A whiter smile can also improve your overall well-being. People with bright smiles often feel more attractive, and appear more confident to others.

For example, if you’re looking to make a good first impression during an important meeting or job interview, chances are you’ll convey more confidence through a magnetic smile than by hiding your teeth because of discolourations. If your smile affects your confidence during a meeting, the cost might be far greater than a teeth whitening treatment.


How Much Will Professional Teeth Whitening Cost? 

Many people might believe that professional teeth whitening is just an excuse for dentists to make more money and that the same results can be achieved by shop-bought whitening kits.

While certainly convenient, at-home products can actually increase your teeth whitening cost. These products are nowhere near as effective or powerful as in-office treatments. While they may eventually get your teeth whiter, it usually only happens after countless uses, diminishing returns, and mounting expenses by the time you achieve desired results.

At-home shop-bought whitening kits also present some potential risks. Because these kits aren’t customised to your mouth, the strips or trays might fit poorly, exposing your gums to cleaning agents that can cause irritation.

Additionally, these kits often use high peroxide concentrations, which might prove to be more than your teeth can handle, leading to the potential erosion of the enamel layer, and possible permeation into the core of your teeth. As always, consult a dentist before beginning any medical procedure — even those that are cosmetic. 

By comparison, professional teeth whitening applications are considerably more powerful and effective than at-home products, allowing you to achieve desired results in far less time, with far fewer treatments.

Professional whitening gives you more immediate results, and these results last far longer than anything you can buy from a local shop. Where at-home kits might address the removal of surface stains, professional teeth whitening treatments go deeper for a more-thorough, all-around cleaning. 

It’s always safer to have dental treatments applied by a licensed professional who can walk you through every step of the process, so there’s no confusion or potential for error.


Dental Bridgework and Crowns

Teeth whitening will not whiten previous dental crowns or bridges. They will also not whiten veneers. If you get your teeth whitening done in-chair, you will need to have any restorations replaced or performed after your whitening session in order to match the new shade of your natural teeth. This may increase the overall cost of a fully-white smile. 


What’s Different About Professional Teeth Whitening?

  • Customised Results

Like any medical procedure, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to teeth whitening. During an in-chair teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will directly apply an appropriate strength whitening gel directly to your teeth, focusing on problem areas to ensure even whitening across your teeth. 

At Dental Spot, we use Poladay, Opalescence, and Colgate whitening treatments. After your hour-long in-chair whitening session, we send you home with customised bleaching trays to top-up your smile’s whiteness and help your teeth reach their maximum whiteness potential. 

If an in-chair whitening doesn’t fit your schedule, your dentist may recommend a professional at-home whitening kit, which is far different than typical shop-bought whitening products. With a professional kit, everything from the strength of the whitening gel to customised mouth trays will be designed for you, so you can achieve similar results even if you’re not in the dentist’s chair.


  • More Value for the Money

You can buy whitening strips at a local shop for a fraction of the cost of an in-office dentist visit. However, you’ll likely end up buying those strips and kits far more often, with varying results. After several rounds of purchasing these products, you’ll probably wonder why you’re spending so much money for inconsistent results.

Professional teeth whitening treatments last 6-12 months longer and can be adjusted to produce a whitened shade that perfectly matches the look you desire. 


The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a whiter smile, and choose to try generalised teeth whitening kits, you might successfully brighten your teeth a few shades for a relatively low initial cost. For thoroughly brighter, cleaner whitening, professional treatment is your best course of action.

Although the initial teeth whitening cost might seem higher, professional teeth whitening produces more-immediate, longer-lasting results that are catered specifically to your needs. 

To take the first step toward your own whiter smile, call today on (02) 9158 6115 or fill out our online contact form to see how we can help.

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